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Double Digit Savings Opportunities

Within most US based enterprises, total telecom spend (wire-line & wireless) is a top-ten corporate operational expense item and many enterprises are not aware of the significant rate reductions that can be attained by using a third party telecom specialist like TelAuthority.  A 30% reduction in total telecom annual expenditure is not unusual.

Experts agree that one area many enterprises overlook is renegotiating telecom contracts with service providers. These renegotiations, especially when managed by experts in the field, prove to be quite beneficial and cost effective to the bottom line. In the vast majority of cases these negotiations are successful at improving terms and conditions and significantly reducing the pricing elements of the contract, even if the service term has not expired.


For most enterprises telecommunications is a substantial expenditure and in many cases experts in the Telecom Negotiation Industry are able to secure double digit reductions. Pete Wilson, co-founder of TelAuthority and unmistakably the industry’s leading expert in telecom negotiations has encouraged (if timing allows) enterprises to request a risk free assessment. Mr. Wilson stated recently that “Many enterprises are taking advantage of his evaluation and moving forward to secure significant savings and contract modifications which will protect the enterprise from further downturn.” He added that “in today’s economic climate renegotiation of telecom carrier’s contracts is an area that must be evaluated and mined for the diamonds in the rough which are certainly present. “

These diamonds in the rough as Mr. Wilson refers to them can create a significant impact to the bottom line allowing enterprises to fund network enhancements, offset budget gaps and save jobs. The enterprise work effort in realizing these opportunities is minimal when incremental outside recourses are utilized.

Written By:  Pete Wilson, CEO, TelAuthority, LLC