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The old adage, “Everything depends on Everything” applies perfectly when it comes to identifying effective telecom procurement, sourcing and negotiation strategies.  While our experience has proven we can deliver order of magnitude pricing improvements in 99% of enterprise telecom contracting situations, the strategy and specific programs implemented are dependent on the current state of affairs.  So before we tell you what we can do, how we would do it and what we would charge — we need to know where your company currently stands. This is why, if the situation warrants, we provide a no risk, no obligation complimentary assessment.  This is a major piece of work, but it is necessary to develop a customized plan.  We obviously do this, in hopes we will earn your trust by demonstrating our skills and engaging in business together.


Our assessment will validate where your enterprise stands relative to true leading edge pricing in the market.  The assessment process takes very little time and resource away from enterprise organizations. TelAuthority will take a critical look at what you buy, how much you buy, whom you buy it from and evaluate your pricing, contract, terms, negotiation leverage and consider any changes in technology or services that you may be contemplating.  Based upon this information we will provide a unique and customized assessment outlining improvement opportunities, the magnitude of potential savings and our recommended strategy and action plan to realize those savings.  We guarantee that our assessment will be an insightful and valuable piece of work for your company and with no risk or cost to your enterprise.


When you engage TelAuthority to execute the proposed strategy, our team works closely with your team following the guidelines we establish within our engagement plan.  All activities will be coordinated in a seamless fashion with our clients.  Each enterprise is different and the level of autonomy and communication they want or don’t want is unique.  That is why we prepare an engagement plan so we know what is expected up front.  Lack of communications destroys relationships and we guarantee that will not be an issue with TelAuthority.


We encourage you to contact our office to discuss current telecom contracting opportunities.