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Our Focus

Our focus and core strength is to deliver world class contracts which save enterprises money and address all requisite contract provisions.  We perform using a number of tools and techniques that bring to bear our knowledge, experience, and industry relationships.  By “world class” we mean contracts that are leading the market shift, not following such shifts.   We deliver tomorrow’s leading edge pricing and contract provisions today.  In today’s rapidly changing economic times, the market is dynamic and continues to evolve rapidly.  Last year’s great deal could be a huge competitive disadvantage this year.  Why follow when you can lead the market?

Our Front Line

Our front line executive team possesses the deepest and broadest set of expert skills in the telecommunications sourcing/procurement arena.   From global MPLS networks to implementing new wireless programs, and everything in between; TelAuthority negotiates with unmatched strength and credibility with all key industry carriers.  Each TelAuthority engagement is unique however the common categories include the following:

Telecom Sourcing Programs and Custom Engagements

Competitive Request For Proposals/Negotiations

Renegotiations and other interim contract opportunities

Procuring and transitioning to new technologies such as MPLS

Benchmarking, annual reviews and other compliance initiatives

Wireless optimization

Individual Liable and Corporate Liable Programs

Invoice Auditing & Recovery

Mergers & Acquisition Integration

Business Downturn/Sales of Subsidiary

TelAuthority’s expertise extends to virtually all categories of telecommunications.



Long Distance

VoIP and SIP

Toll Free Applications

Enhanced Features

Call Centers



MPLS & Internet (MIS)

Ethernet/TDM Access

Private Lines

Diversity Solutions


Cloud Services & Hosting


Voice, Messaging and Data plans/pricing

International Travel Solutions

Unique BYOD and IRU Programs

Equipment concessions

SIM Applications

In-Building Antenna Solutions

Highly Customized Plans

Simplified Optimization/TEM Savings


Managed Services

Wholesale Contracts

Interconnect Agreements

Local Optimization

Limited Scope BPO