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The TelAuthority Advantage

TelAuthority is the leading independent consultancy and clear choice for enterprises seeking to secure maximum improvement and optimization of their telecom budgets.  Among a crowded field of “expert consultants”, we are uniquely positioned to empower our client organizations and drive maximum bottom-line improvement.

Our key differentiators are as follows:


We don’t operate in the maze of complexity the carriers like to keep their customers in when renewing/negotiating contracts. Having helped create this maze in our past roles (leading the carrier pricing organization), we operate “outside the box” and bring our own war chest of strategies, creative ideas and street-smarts that deliver superior results.


Our front line negotiating team of Pete Wilson and Bob Arnold have assisted enterprise clients in realizing over $1B in telecom contract savings. Having worked both sides of the negotiating table; nobody is better positioned to drive optimal results in an accelerated timeframe.


We have the key relationships and ear of the carrier executives to attack your challenges at the point of decision making. Having been in these very roles ourselves we know how to present creative, win-win solutions and solve complex challenges.


The lack of access to valid information is the Achilles-heel that prevents most enterprises from achieving an optimal telecom contract. TelAuthority levels the playing field and cuts thru all the carrier obstacles that “keep you in the dark” about what is really possible. We know what the carriers don't want you to know.


TelAuthority focuses on our core-strength which is to deliver world class contracts as the foundation from which enterprise clients can manage their telecom investment. We don’t profess to be a “jack of all trades” but we are indeed a master of procuring and negotiating world class telecom contracts.

Many consulting firms claim they have unique or profound telecom industry knowledge, even more claim they are expert telecom contract negotiators, but only one company; TelAuthority, LLC delivers superior results to our highly satisfied enterprise clients.  We believe a careful evaluation of our capabilities and industry prowess will reveal the wisdom in choosing TelAuthority as your sourcing partner.  We look forward to earning your trust, proving our capabilities and delivering the superior results you deserve!